I implemented a very basic slideshow by toggling the visibility of the current slide and the next slide to go from one to the other. Eventually, I will replace this simple
by a fancy animation with
toggle('slide', {easing: 'easeInOutCirc'}, 'slow');
, but that will have to wait until I get a few bugs out of the way. Anyways, the slideshow works fine as is, but it breaks when I do the following

Reproducing the bug:
  1. Make sure javascript is enabled on your browser
  2. Go to shawninder.99k.org/index.php
  3. Click on any language on the right hand side. This will show a little description under the language a filter the jobs list to show only those during which I've used that language.
  4. Click on that same language again to close it.
  5. Now click on "Database Administrator & Software Consultant". It will open up and you will see a picture, a bunch of quotes with signatures, and a paragraph

Only one of these quotes should show up at first. In fact, if you reload the page and click directly on the job without clicking on a language first, the slideshow works as intended!

I would appreciate any advice on how to debug this kind of problem.

Feel free to have a look at the javascript file

Thanks a lot in advance!

PS I'm still in the development phase and I've only tested the site in chromium-browser on ubuntu 11.10.