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    This site works in your pc?


    I did this site for a client and he is happy with that.
    but he reported that the site is not working in 3 diferent pc's of 3 diferent people.
    can you find any problem with the site?

    the url is http://tinyurl.com/62jjdr9


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    Maybe they have JavaScript disabled or not available? Because this is what happens to me with your site – it doesn’t work. The menu is non-existent, basically, and all I see is a big image.

    Get your site working without JavaScript at first and then apply JS as enhancement. That’s my style of working, at least, and so far I never had problems.

    And by the way: you also forgot to specify a page background color. For example, I’ve changed my default browser background color to something other than white and your site looks weird with that. Always set page background, text and link colors, and font families specifically (because these are the things that people can change in their browser settings), don’t assume everybody has the same settings as you.

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    The question is: what browser and what version are these 3 people using? Is it the same version? Pinpointing your problem is usually a lot easier if you know what browser that's used..

    I would also suggest that you change the logo from jpg -> png to get transparency in the background and perhaps that you stop the panorama animation during window resizing events since it becomes a bit laggy.
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    I like what you have achieved! Only thing I would consider would be adjusting the menu at the bottom to not open up quite so much on mouseover. It can be a little overwhelming after a while. There's probably a setting to tone it down a bit.
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