Dear All,
I got a droppable function. Where when I drop it will open a pop-up window and in that once I check one of the checkbox the window will close and then I would like to capture the values and update a particular function. The problem now once the pop-up called the next operation is keep going in the droppable function. How to do like a pause there? Part of my codes is below.

drop: function(event, ui) {
         var sourceID;
    	tyreInsertID=0;'tyreDetails.php?tyre=' + sourceID, 'TyreDetails','width=500, height=500');
	    return false;
// This is the function called from the pop-up once the checkbox is click but is a javascript function not a jquery.
function updateValue(positionID,tyreID,tyreInsertIDPop,tyreCost,val,brand,size,pattern)
	alert("VALUE :"+tyreInsertIDPop+"  "+operationType);