does somebody knows how to replace a div with other one that is inside of a <li> tag?
i already tried this...

but for some reason isn't working as i want..

inside of each div with the class flist-image is a link of image that is a light box and is not working...
can somebody help me pls??
this is part of the code...
		$(".flist li").click(function(){
			$(".flist li.selected img").fadeTo("normal");
			$(".flist li.selected").removeClass("selected");
			$('#image').replaceWith(function() {
  					return $(".flist-image").contents();
        <img src="images/thumbs.jpg" />
                <div class="flist-content">
                      <a href="#" id="code">View Code</a>
                      <a href="#" id="larger">View Larger</a>                                    
                 <div class="flist-image">
                      <img src="images/our_work2.jpg" />