This problem is driving me crazy. I am using a blogger template which has a slideshow on the home page. I have it working but I also want to use lightbox because my blog is primarily a photo blog.

I am using this script on some other sites I have which use some of the standard templates:

The author of the article tried to help but (if you look in the comments but I don't really understand what he is talking about, I really don't know much about this kind of thing).

However, when I add this script to my photo blog the slider stops working and the lightbox doesn't work either.

I have read that you can't use two javascripts but this seems crazy, it must be possible to use a lightbox and a slider on the same site, I'm sure I have seen it before.

The template I am using is called Music Nation from here - http://www.premiumbloggertemplates.c...-template.html

My blog is

Can someone please help me? I really, really want to try and solve this.