I am using this code to make a div follow the mouse.

var mouseX = 0, mouseY = 0;
mouseX = e.pageX;
mouseY = e.pageY;

// cache the selector
var follower = $("#follower");
var xp = 0, yp = 0;
var loop = setInterval(function(){
// change 12 to alter damping, higher is slower
xp += (mouseX - xp) / 12;
yp += (mouseY - yp) / 12;
follower.css({left:xp, top:yp});

}, 30)

Is there a way to make the div not move when the mouse is within its parameters? I am using an image in the div and I want the div to follow the mouse when it moves with a lag as it already does but when the mouse is over the div or within its parameters i want it to stay put. In other words, I would like to "deactiviate" the follow mouse property when the cursor is in the div and then have it "reactivated " once the mouse leaves the div or moves away from it (when you roll over the div, a menu animates and slides out to the left. If the div continues to follow the mouse even when the mouse is on top of it then you can never click on any of the menu items). Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.