Hello All

I am using Uploadify in one of my applications. It is working fine is Chrome and Firefox, but fails to upload files in IE 8. In IE when I click the browse button Files are added to queue but don't get uploaded. I searched for this problem and tried out all the suggestions but none of those is working for me.

I removed the final comma, set the 'auto' mode to false and several other suggestions but nothing is working. I am invoking uploadify like this:

'uploader' : 'scripts/uploadify.swf',
'script' : 'scripts/uploadify.php',
'cancelImg' : 'cancel.png',
'folder' : 'images',
'queueID' : 'fileQueue',
'auto' : true,
'multi' : true,
'queueSizeLimit' : 5,
'fileDesc' : 'jpg, gif',
'fileExt' : '*.jpg;*.gif',
'sizeLimit' : '512000',//max size bytes - 500kb
'checkScript' : 'scripts/check.php',//if we take this out, it will never replace files, otherwise asks if we want to replace
'onAllComplete' : function() {


P.S. When I am trying out Uploadify online demo in official site in multi upload format, it is working in IE. Kindly help me. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks A Lot!