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    LavaLamp: is there a better way, or may I have help debugging?

    I'm messing around with a cutesy little javascript menu display called LavaLamp, and it is, of course, not displaying properly on my website (specifically, the background "shape" that moves around is not appearing at all).

    You can see the original demo (with images) and download the original code at http://www.gmarwaha.com/blog/2007/08...jquery-lovers/ . I'm using the "no image" version of the demo and I made some cosmetic changes to the css just because I felt like it. I changed nothing in the javascript files themselves, and I tested the file organization on my local hard drive. You can see my version here: Lava Lamp Menu Demo

    I wonder if it is caused by some sort of script conflict between the javascripts LavaLamp needs and the stuff my web host puts on my page (random trash like 6 unneeded closing tags, no less than four linked js files and one css file... I think I need to complain about this. No wonder I can't validate anything!). Or perhaps the web server doesn't support jQuery? Do I need to link to the entire jquery.js file? If so, why does the demo work on my local system without doing so? Is it because my web host is "nginx/0.7.65 on FreeBSD" and my local hard drive is MS Win7? Could it be because the server changed my doctype declaration from undeclared (which Chrome handled fine, btw) to strict? These questions are only a few of the ones I have.

    Anyway, I do like my free little web hosting shputz and would rather work around the issues than find a different provider.

    Do you want any more information? Any alternatives or possible fixes are greatly appreciated! (~_^)

    EDIT: While I was looking at another jQuery code sample I realized that I am a very silly person who apparently doesn't remember all the things she types. I already reference a jQuery library, jquery- .
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