I am working on a web page for a client. It is supposed to display a number of pages (images, really) from a few different documents.

The site is http://www.ethos360.com and the page in particular is /testing/samples.php (I don't want to link the page directly here because I don't want the page showing up on search engines...)

I know a slight amount of javascript, basically just enough to get jquery plugins working and a few basic jquery commands.

Anyway, you can see pretty much how it should all look when viewing the page. (The first thee sections use the galleryview 1.1 plugin, and the fourth is an iframe of a page made with Jalbum.)

The "outer" gallery that switches between the four image galleries is using code I made manually for the biography switcher at http://www.ethos360.com/about/ -- jquery javascript for that is at http://www.ethos360.com/actions.js -- and as you can see, it functions fine.

However, it seems to break the four galleries on the samples.php page. Whichever shows up first is fine, but viewing the 2nd and 3rd galleries, the page switcher/selector on top acts all wonky. The fourth, the iframe from jalbum, also doesn't show up right. However, if I switch the first and fourth around so the jalbum one is the default gallery displayed, it works perfectly.

Bottom line, why is it that the first gallery always looks fine, when the other ones always are weird? What is wrong with my code?