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    Basic jQuery doubt

    hello all,
    i am a noob when it comes to javascript and jquery. I have started learning jquery recently and was trying out some tutorials listed in the jquery site. While trying out the very first example i came across a very strange problem.

    Here is the code :

    <!doctype html>
    <script type ="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
    <script type ="text/javascript">
    alert("function called");
    alert("Thanks for visitng !");
    <a href="http://jquery.com/">jquery</a>

    The above code works absolutely fine. The problem is with line shown in green. As far my knowledge goes html tags which don;t have content in it can be closed as < tagname /> and thus i tried doing the same for the line mentioned in green.

    <script type ="text/javascript" src="jquery.js" />

    but to my surprise it didn't work in this case. Can you please let me explain me the reason behind this behavior.

    Thanks !
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    Because script tags are required to have separate open and close tags. Maybe someone else has a more intellectual response. All I know is that they only work that way.
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