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    Conflict between jQuery navigation and Fancybox

    Please look at URL: http://www.freedommd.com/Freedom10/demoemr.shtml

    On this page, I have a jQuery navbar, and Fancybox code. Click on any nav button (more specifically, any link here, as some of the nav buttons only expand sub menus, and that is working fine). When you click on a link, the page dims and freezes. It goes into the same state as when you click on a sidebar thumbnail and Fancybox is invoked.

    I do have two different versions of jQuery running on this page; I assume the respective versions are required for the individual functionality of the navbar and Fancybox. Fancybox is running v1.3.2, navbar is running v.1.2.3. I have no idea whether the conflict lies here, or in something else. Files are attached.

    Can anyone tell me how to get both of these elements working together?


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