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    Jquery with Ajax

    Hi all,

    I am new to ajax and jquery. I am doing an example like reading username and password . and when i submit the submit button a page should be displayed saying that "u r details are stored". I got some example on web but they are all related to "php". Can we do with out php.

    Please let me know..... how to do it.

    thanks in advance,


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    You don't do an Ajax call without a server side. So you do need PHP, or some other server language (ColdFusion, ASP, Ruby, etc). At the very simplest, Ajax will bring in an HTML file, but that still goes to the server to get it.

    Also I'm assuming you are going to store this entered information in a file or database of some kind, which is also on the server side.

    Since you are new to the scene, I recommend you AVOID Ajax and jQuery for now. Instead, focus on a simple form submission that shows you how your HTML page interacts with PHP. Start here:


    Go through each topic, especially the "forms" one:


    If you're comfortable with that whole process, you can move on to Ajax and other wonderful things.


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