I am trying to make some changes to our company website and have been trying to untangle what the web designer has done. After some detective work, I realized that the code they used for our navigation menu is taken from this web page:


So all of the links with secondary links open the accordian to reveal more links. There is not a way, however, to link to a page AND show the secondary links. An example would be if you clicked "css examples" and wanted to open a "cssexamples.html" as well as show the "Horizontal CSS Menus", ...etc.links

The site lists how to create responsive headers below, but they use iframes and that is getting way too complicated for my skill level and working with the current content of our site.

My question is:
Is there a way to get the menu to have responsive headers without using iFrames? I would be okay with either modifying the current script or using a whole different script that works the same (ex: maybe there is a way to do this with CSS or another javascript?).

Thank you so much!