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    Question about tinybox

    Hi, don't know if anyone here has experience with Michael Leigeber's TinyBox, but if so, I have a question. I've been able to implement it just fine with how it is normally set up. However, I'm doing some server side validation of forms with php and was wondering if there is a way to implement it to display errors that are returned from the form validation. The way it is normally set up, it is called onclick of some element, which then loads either html directly or an external html page. If there are errors returned, I want them displayed in the tinybox. I can already print the errors to the page I'm working with. I'm not looking for step by step instructions, just a push in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit: To sum up that long paragraph, 1. is there a way to create an instance of tinybox without an onclick event and 2. can a php echo statement be used as the content?
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