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    Appending external html page to div with jQuery causes refresh

    Hi, im trying to append an external html page on the same domain into a div.
    The html page has this javascript in it that prints out two names:

    Namnsdag : <script language="Javascript" src="http://www.startsidan.org/namnsdag.php"></script>

    But in firefox the pages refreshes and gets bugged, in IE only the text before javascript tags shows up in the div.

    Im using this jQuery code

      url: "test.html",
      cache: false,
      success: function(html){
    So my question is, how can i load the external page into the div correct?

    I have also set up a test page to show this error: http://cior.se/bugg/index.html


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    If you're simply loading a JS file and executing it... try the following:


    Additionally, script language="javascript" is deprecated and obsolete, use script type="text/javascript" instead.

    As to why your function replaces the entire web-page.... it seems that the contents are:

    function visanamndag() {
    document.write ("Ingemar och Gudmar"); 
    } visanamndag();
    You do know document.write after a page has done loading does achieve that result, right?
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    Thanks for the answer. Well, the page reloading bug, i should have knew about that, but i didint . Thanks for telling me.

    I guess i can solve my problem by loading the page in a iframe instead. But then the height will be bugged.


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