I'm new to jquery and am having a couple issues on a site I've
designed. I am using 2 jquery techniques: dd accordian and a animated
image load i sorta hacked together. Both have slight glitches that I
can's seem to figure out. Can someone please offer some guidance on
either of the following issues on http://www.elizabethkosichnewyork.com/:

1. DDAccordian: It seems to be mainly an IE6.0 issue, though I've run
into it on Safari as well, but there is some overlapping that occurs
between the hidden subcats and the other categories as you click thru
the menu. It's almost as if they're colliding with each other. There's
a chance the problem could be more CSS related than JQuery, but I
can't figure it out.

2. Image load: I have a little script on the about pages, the store
locator page, and the content page that looks like this:
$(window).bind("load", function() {
        return false;
What I am wanting this to do is, once the image is loaded (I tried DOM
Ready before but that was too soon) and then slide in like it does.
Right now, the images is flashing ever-so briefly before it hides. Any
idea how I can do this better?

Thanks so much for your help!