Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a little unorthodox use of the Tabs UI. Since it
would be quite difficult to explain it in general terms, I will do
explain it in my specific case I hope this is not too much of a

So, I have this tabbed interface which has to fit in a quite small
space; the problem is that the titles of the tabs can get quite long
and, while testing it for now they all fit, in case one would need to
add more tabs in a second moment, they would overflow from the space I
designed for them.
I thought of having a sort of "tabbed tab menu", so to speak: what I
mean is that I need to display more tabs then it fits, so I thought of
having a "Next" or "Previous" tab which gives you a new set of menu
items which you can choose from.
The problems are two: one is that if you select Tab-A from the "first
page menu", then scroll to the "second page menu" and select Tab-B,
scrolling back to the first page menu will still obviously give Tab-A
as selected. The second would be that accessing the page with a cross-
link to the tab, will most likely not display the selected tab
correctly: if I use a direct link to the page say to #Tab-B which is
in the "second page menu" (which is itself another tab fragment), it
will correctly display my page, but it will be displaying the "first
page menu".
Sorry for my English, I know this is making things more awkward than
they are, but I hope you can visualize what I mean. In any case, if
you need it, I can post the link of the site I am working on, to let
you better see what I mean.

Do you have any ideas on how to make this work? Do you think there
would be a better solution to this issue than using the jQuery Tabs

Thanks to you all in advance,
Sincere Regards,

M. L.