Hi guys i need some assurance here to see whether my coding is correct
or not? can someone please kindly look through it and let me know
is it correct?

here's the questions of the program i wrote:
Write an applet program which draw a straight line using the
drawLine() method. The x and y coordinate of the first point
is 10 for the x coordinate and 10 for the y coordinate and
the second pair of coordinate is 230 for the x coordinate
and 95 for the y coordinate.

/*Sample tag:<APPLET CODE=DrawLine Width=300 Height=300></APPLET>
import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class DrawLine extends Applet
public void paint(Graphics g)
or should i write it as g.drawString(10,10,230,95) instead?

Yes am a bit confuse of the question.thanks for reading