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    converting java to pseudocode

    Hi,I'm really new to java and am a student at university.For one of my projects I have to convert pseudocode to java.I have completed most of it but now I'm stuck on one module and I've just got no idea where to start on this.If anyone could give me any help on this it would be much appreciated.I just need a starting point.For example whats the equivaleny for "Write" in java or how do I open the stats file.Thanks to anyone that could help me.

    Module 11 : saveStatistics
    IN : Year
    OUT : ---
    11.1 StatsFile ← "Stats" + Year + ".txt"
    11.2 Open StatsFile for writing
    11.3 Write MonthName[WettestMonth] to StatsFile
    11.4 Write WettestFigure to StatsFile
    11.5 Write HighestDay to StatsFile
    11.6 Write MonthName[HighestDayMonth]to StatsFile
    11.7 Write HighestTemp to StatsFile
    11.8 Write MonthName[SunniestMonth] to StatsFile
    11.9 Write MaxSunshine to StatsFile
    11.10 Close StatsFile

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    java docs in file input/output (reading and writing )


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