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Thread: Java

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    Java & JavaScript

    I'm new at the whole progamming world... so im wondering if java or JavaScript is a simple language to learn. And I also need help finding a site to learn this. I have taken a look at C++, and it looks pretty hard. So I thought i'd learn java because I heard it was a easier langauge.
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    I don't know of a programming language that can be classified as 'simple'. However, among the languages, javascript seems to me like a good start. It all pretty much depends on what you want to do with the language. On the one hand, javascript might not be as complex as most languages, but that also means that you can't accomplish as much with it. If you want a full fledged language that can be used outside of a web-enviornment I would opt for Java or C++. Personally, I have learned a little java and have found it to be simple enough to learn for my tastes but also very powerful. C++ is also a good choice, but I have no experience with it.


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