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    How to access TokensAnnotation, TextAnnotation, NamedEntityTagAnnotation via Python a

    Hi, I'm hoping to get specific answers, since I can't find this in any existing Stanford Python wrapper or the documentation.

    I'm converting some Java to Python without any code documentation or much access to the original developer. I am NOT a Java coder.

    I have the Java StanfordCoreNLPServer running in the background (OSX)
    I have the Python module StanfordCoreNLP
    And I am able to do things like annotate with the code...

    class StanfordNLP:
    def __init__(self, host='http://localhost', port=9000):
        self.nlp = StanfordCoreNLP(host, port=port, timeout=30000)
        self.props = { 'annotators': 'tokenize,ssplit,pos,lemma,ner,parse,depparse,dcoref,relation',
                       'pipelineLanguage': 'de',
                       'outputFormat': 'json'
    def annotate(self, sentence):
        return json.loads(self.nlp.annotate(sentence, properties=self.props))
    but I have these Java lines in the code...

    for (CoreMap sentence : sentences) {
            // traversing the words in the current sentence
            // a CoreLabel is a CoreMap with additional token-specific methods
            for (CoreLabel token : sentence.get(TokensAnnotation.class)) {
                // this is the text of the token
                String word = token.get(TextAnnotation.class);
                // this is the NER label of the token
                String ne = token.get(NamedEntityTagAnnotation.class);
                output += word + "/" + ne + " ";
    ...and I don't know how to access those features of the Stanford NLP library via Python and the StanfordCoreNLP.

    If this segment can be entirely replaced using Python NLTK, that would be fine as well.

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    Note: Java != JavaScript, like Austria != Australia
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    This is the Javascript forum - not Java (quite different from Javascript) nor Python. Ask a mod to move this thread to a more appropriate forum.

    All the code given in this post has been tested and is intended to address the question asked.
    Unless stated otherwise it is not just a demonstration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip M View Post
    Ask a mod to move this thread to a more appropriate forum.
    Thread moved.
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