Hello -

I'm new to JS and having trouble writing a custom function. Here are the details:

1) I have a Google Sheet that contains 6 columns.
2) Users enter an ID number in Column A and then make selection from drop downs across columns B - F.
3) In some cases, the user may need to choose multiple values in columns B - F related to the same ID.
4) To accomplish this, I thought the user can begin by entering the ID in column A across the first empty row. Next, the user populates B-F by making selections from the drop downs.
5) Here's the tricky part, if another value needs to be selected across rows B- F, I thought the user could simply make additional selections from the drop downs across the next open row. However, when user does this I want to auto-populate column A with the same ID number. See link below for sample sheet. The values shown in yellow need to auto populate because one or more value exists across columns B - F.


Thanks for any assistance with this.