Current/Existing Scenario:

We have a web app which is a single page application built using Javascript, HTML and it's using RESTful webservices built using Java for getting the data and displaying it in the browser. Apache Tomcat is involved in this case.

My Question:

We are having authentication of a user to be done on Apache and then using AJP connector, user credentials are passed to Apache Tomcat. A simple hello.jsp/index.jsp paget with `getRemoteUser` code on the tomcat shows the username on the Apache Tomcat home page. This basically confirmed that user details were successfully transferred from Apache to Apache Tomcat using AJP connector. As mentioned above, the simple index.jsp standalone page does work and show the username, however, when we tried to put the same JSP getRemoteUser code into our webapp by changing the index.html to index.jsp, it was showing the username but it didn't seem to pull up all other HTML fragments required to build the website.

I would like to know two things in this context:

1) Since our current Java RESTFul Webservices haven't been built considering JSP at all, is it possible to run our webapp by just changing the index.html of our current webapp to index.jsp which actually didin't work as explained above.

2) If it's possible, then is there going to be lot of Servlet related changes that needs to be done in the Java REST Ful webservice side?

Please advise. Thanks