I have an XHTML-Transitional page that uses a java clock. For some reason, it works great and is viewable in IE6, Mozilla Firefox 0.8, and Netscape 6.2. But when viewed in Netscape 7.0, the page begins loading and then the browser crashes. I've tried eliminating the .gif feature and just using a text digital clock (same applet) but no luck. Why is it doing this, when it works fine in an older version of Netscape, and in all other browsers I've listed?

BTW, I used the <applet> coding instead of <object> because the applet wouldn't display when using the latter. Also, I have another java applet on the page (news ticker from 7AM) and it seems to be working just fine, so I know Netscape 7 is properly configured to view applets.

The applet's shown at: http://users.zoominternet.net/~conneautlake/index.html

Here's the applet code:
<applet code="JClock.class" width="140" height="25">
      	<param name="DigitsImage" value="ylwblu.gif" />
      	<param name="Blink" value="true" />
      	<param name="DigitsOrder" value="0123456789 :ap" />
	<param name="DigitHeight" value="21" />
	<param name="DigitWidth" value="16" />
	<param name="AutoSize" value="true" />
      	<param name="Align" value="center" />
      	<param name="VAlign" value="center" />
      	<param name="BGColor" value="000066" />
      	<param name="Border" value="true" /> 
      	<param name="BorderThickness" value="2" />
      	<param name="OuterBorder" value="9999cc" />
      	<param name="InnerBorder" value="9999cc" />
      	<param name="24Hour" value="false" />
      	<param name="ShowSecs" value="true" />
      	<param name="AMPM" value="true" />
      	<param name="ShowM" value="true" />
      	<param name="TimeZone" value="-5" />

Solutions? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

If you can't figure it out, then can you at least give me an alternative (java, javascript, etc) as to having a digital clock (no bigger than 145px) that shows Eastern time (GMT-5), with a way to configure the colors so it somewhat matches the site? Of course, it would be a plus if it had a "today's day+date" feature too.