Good day,

I've been trying to get my web form autocomplete/populate to work for weeks now but just can't find the answer. I'm not a programmer but was given this task anyway.
I've created a simple web form to capture user details and their interests in our service delivery. I want the users to be able to edit their own details again from time to time.

This must be accomplished by typing their "NAME" into the namefield, selecting their name after autocomplete brings up a list after which the rest of the form fields msu populate with this specific user's details for editing.

My web form is running on LAMP stack.
I got so far as to add a control button to browse between the various records (move back and forward), but this database will eventually have 1000+ records which will then need a search function.

Here is my code I have so far generated by WYSIWYG Editor.
I can add new records
I can delete records
I can edit record (after I eventually found the record to edit)

I can't search for the record and output record data in my form fields.. PLZ Help!!! - E4whbC - Online Java Compiler & Debugging Tool