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    setting a start and stop process with a jdatechooser

    s it possible to set the start and stop date of a process using a jdatechooser?
    that is an image of application. i want to set when a calculation should start and when i choose a date at the 'dispose' field, it should stop calculating.

    Am new at java so any kind of help with examples will be appreciated

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    JDateChooser doesn't appear to be an option in the java 7 swing (or any other package in the core api). You'll need to post the code associated with the class.

    Without knowing that: doable? Probably. If not, you can always extend it instead and implement the functionality. I wrote a custom calendar used in a school project which allowed auto-fill between a left and right click start and end range. So I'd assume that a custom built class can at least allow multiple entries.
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