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    MMA Sim Game/MMO

    I'm looking to maybe start creating my MMA sim...I have a question though. I'm thinking about using stick-like figures to represent the fight, creating basically a play-by-play system through the images and giving the visual representation of it. For example, if Player 1 threw a jab at Player 2, you may see something like a stick-like figure with his arm out making contact with the other player's head, and each action would be represented by these figures. By the way, for stick-like figures I'm thinking something more than just basic lines and circles, but less than sprites, maybe like block people or something, some kind of figure to be able to show the ground game as well as the stand-up, but that's more or less moot. Anyway, sorry for wasting time and rambling, onto the question. What are the benefits/cons of doing this in PHP or Java? Basically what are the pro/cons of PHP in this, the pro/cons of Java? I'm learning Java and know PHP pretty well. I want it to be kind of like MMA Tycoon, but better. I'll also have stuff like buying gyms, organizations and stuff like that if that plays into the things you guys can think of. Thanks for the answers !

    -Didn't know where to post this, so im going to post in PHP and Java forums, MODs you can do what you will with it. Thanks.

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    PHP is server side only, and Java can be both client and server controlled. If you want to allow interaction between multiple people, than Java would make more sense. You can use applets and RMI in order to communicate between two clients, and you can write the animation itself. PHP is limited to only dealing with request/response approach and cannot force a response to a client (although AJAX could be used for that with javascript on top). It would also be limited to graphics that are animated such as a gif.
    So use Java for something like this instead of PHP.
    PHP Code:
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