hi guys.im using netbeans and im trying to make an app for my small business but im strugling to get datainto the jtable from jtextfields.i made a calculator on the left wich works as a price calculator and give me the total amount wich i have to pay out to the customer,i inserted a SAVE TO SHEET button wich when pressed must read the items selected in the combobox then insert the amount of that item calculated in the jtextfield and insert it into the corresponding jtable collum and if lets say theres an amount already inserted in colum 1-row 1 then it should insert the new item into column 1-row 2.i managed to get it to insert the amount but wen u want the insert a new amount(new customer's ammount)it overwrites the previous amount.i also want to make the jtable print and save at the end of the day.if anyone can help me on this i would be realy greatfull as i am strugling to get it to work.[IMG][/IMG]