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    Question Web app for feature extraction - Error with storing the features in a postgresql DB

    I am building an application that extracts the feature of an image and saves it to the database (using JSP, Java & PostgreSQL ).

    I have based it on Caliph & Emir website. ( http://www.semanticmetadata.net/features/ )

    I open PostgreSQL and the database it being automatically created. I created this project in NetBeans. I have loaded the Apache Tomcat plugin into NetBeans and I am running Apache Tomcat ( Catalina ) from cmd as well (even though I don't know if it is necessary ).

    The thing is though that when the interface through my project opens, I can load an image through it but then despite getting a success comment out of it

    ( Successfully uploaded image "734961_10151351065770042_1001776232_n.jpg" at path "bla1/bla2/Project1/Me/WebApp/data/img/".

    Successfully added image "bla1/bla2/Project1/Me/WebApp/data/img/".734961_10151351065770042_1001776232_n.jpg" at database.)

    the images' features wont load into database.

    This is manager_op.jsp code (manage operation) If an additional code excerpt is needed tell me and I will give it to you.

    Because it is already too big, I will attach manager_op.jsp and java codes for AddImage() and AddAllImages() because I believe that the mistake is somewhere in there. Both files are named as .txt because of the corresponding constraints! But then again, I may be wrong. It may be an Apache issue (some setting that I didn't do or something else - and I think that is quite possible). Help me if you can. Thanks in advance.
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