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    HTML into java code

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if you could take source code from a website shown in HTML and convert it into java code. Is there any way to see the source code in java code instead of HTML?


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    Nope, you can't really view the source of Java code. The bytecode may be somewhat legible though, but its not the same as the source.
    To create Java from HTML you would need to write a parser to effectively go through the html source and build the necessary components you want to display as java components. So you would check for an input type of text, and give it a JTextField for example. Layout will be much harder as you'll need to write a CSS parser for it, then give it explicit layout settings for each component. Won't be pretty for things that are inherited like block levels in HTML since Java doesn't understand what that is so it'll just keep stacking components on top of components.


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