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    Post Finding the difference of two arrays using arrayList

    Right, so I am trying to find the answer to the above question and then return it as type IntSet. For this question, I need to use arrayList. I have tried tweaking the code a number of times, however, the array contains the wrong elements. The intersection method called works perfectly fine, so the problem is not there. I think it is when I am trying to remove elements from the list that the problems start. Your help is much appreciated. UPDATE: I have now managed to return an array, however all the remove element method does is take away 3 from the array.

    public IntSet difference(Integer[] s1, Integer[] s2) {
            IntSet result = intersection(s1, s2);//get intersection array
            IntSet s3;
            Arrays.sort(s1);//sort arrays
            ArrayList<Integer> difference = new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(s1));//creates new array
            ArrayList<Integer> outcome = new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(result));
            int[] s4 = new int[result.al.size()];
            int counter = 0;
            for (int int2 : result.al) {
                s4[counter++] = int2;
            int count2 = outcome.size();
            for (int i = 0; i < count2; i++) {
                if (difference.contains(s4[i])!= false) {
            s3 = new IntSet(difference);
                return s3;
        public int removeElement(int elem, ArrayList<Integer> am) {
            if (!am.contains(elem)) {
                return NUMBER_NOT_IN_SET;
                return NUMBER_REMOVED;
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    You're over-thinking what you need to do with this.
    Since you already have a method to intersect, and you can cast to a list, its simple to remove what is in a collection from another.
    PHP Code:
        public static Integer[] difference(Integer[] lhsInteger[] rhs)
    ArrayList<IntegeralResult = new ArrayList<Integer>(Arrays.asList(lhs));
    alResult.toArray(new Integer[alResult.size()]);
    That assumes that the intersect's returned IntSet is castable to a list as you have here in your example.
    Unless I misunderstand what you are referring to as the difference, that should do what you are needing.


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