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    GUI - How to do this list(?) ?

    EDIT: Found what I was looking for, it's called JTree. This thread can be locked

    Sorry for the bad title, I really can't think of a good name for the thing that I want to do. I basically have a program where I want some extra information on the right side of the gui.

    How the default look is supposed to be

    When the user clicks on one of those I want it to look like this.

    I have a hard thinking of how I can achieve this result. Maybe some alternated list or maybe using a card layout for that panel?
    I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a helping or or push me in the right direction.

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    Glad you found what you are needing to do.
    Java's JTree defaults won't match what you are looking to do visually. Using custom renderer's may help on that one, but after a quick test I can't get the little rotation icon to go away (or + sign, or whichever depending on your theme). So it looks like you may need to hit the actual paint of the TreeCellRenderer object in order to get around that and match what you are doing here.


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