hi just working on an upload script using ajax and js which user uploads file and then output url appears on completion.

works fine with images, but not with mp3 / wav, ive located the code where i believe sorts the extension types, but even after a lot of googling, i cannot seem to come up with how to allow mp3 and wav.

        window.dropFile = function () {
            // Instantly hide the SilverLight Application
            // Drop the file
            // We are trying to recreate an event here... 
            // this is very hacky and means we have to recreate everything in a typical event otherwise we can break code
            var dataTransfer = { files: [] };

            for (var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++) {
                     // filename
                var name = arguments[i].split(',')[0],
                    // data
                    base64 = arguments[i].split(',')[1],
                    // mime type based upon extension
                    mime = { png: "image/png",
                        jpg: "image/jpeg",
                        jpeg: "image/jpeg",
                        gif: "image/gif"
                    }[name.match(/[^\.]*$/)[0]] || "";

                dataTransfer.files[i] = { name: name, size: base64.length, data: base64, type : mime }

I can show as much code as needed, im a newby to js and ajax, but semi confident coder in other langs.

Any advice would be great cheers