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    Question Need help with Math.pow Calculations

    Hello again! Thanks for the help in the previous post I made last week. I'm in need of a little bit of assistance again.

    I'm trying to get Math.pow to calculate and produce a result for my Mortgage Calculator project. I need to show a decreasing amount in the remaining balance of a mortgage loan. However the results I get seem to always stay the same. What am I doing wrong?

    import java.text.DecimalFormat;
    // This calculator will accurately calculate Mortgage Payments, while allowing for flexible variable adjustments 
    //(i.e. Length of Payments, Principal, Interest.) Based on Service Request from McBride Financial
    // Author: Kenan Cross //
    public class MortgageCalculator {
        int i; // counter
        int termLimit = 30;
        int months;
        int payments; /* No. of monthly payments in mortgage*/
        int monthsPd = 12 * i; //Calculations of months paid so far
        double balPd; //Part of Balance Paid Formula
        double balPd2; //Part of Balance Paid Formula
        double balPd3; //Part of Balance Paid formula
        double balPdCalc; //Calculated result of balPd and balPd2
        double loanCalc;   //Power of Calculation for compound interest
        double powCalc; //Power of calculation variable
        double rate;
        double loanBalance;
        double loanInterest; //Calculated Loan with Interest
        double newLoanBalance; //Calculated Remaining Loan Balanace
        double annualRate;  //Computed Annual Rate
        double interestPlus; // rate + 1
        double interestPd;  // contains interest paid so far
        double interestAdj;
        double interestExp;
        int length; /* length of mortgage */
        double principle; /* Principle loan amount */
        double monthlyPayment; /* Calculated Monthly Payment */
        DecimalFormat dec;
        DecimalFormat percentage;
    public static void main (String args[]){
    	MortgageCalculator calc = new MortgageCalculator();
    public MortgageCalculator(){
    	months = 12;
    	rate = 0.0575;
            principle = 200000;
    	length = 30;
    	dec = new DecimalFormat ("$0.00");
            percentage = new DecimalFormat("0.00%");
    public void calculatePaymentAmount(){
    	annualRate = ((rate)/(12));
            payments = (months) * (length);
    	interestAdj = (annualRate)+(1);
            interestPlus = (rate + 1);
    	interestExp = Math.pow(interestAdj, payments);
    	monthlyPayment = principle * (annualRate * interestExp)/(interestExp - 1);
            loanCalc = principle * (Math.pow(interestAdj,(termLimit)));
    //Above formula is based on M=P[i(1+i)^n]/[(1+i)^n-1] found on ifitbreaks.com/interest.htm//
    public void printPaymentAmount (){
         System.out.println("Your Loan Amount is "+ dec.format(principle));
         System.out.println("Your Annual Rate is "+ percentage.format(rate));
         System.out.println("Your monthly payment amount is " + dec.format (monthlyPayment));
         System.out.println("Your principal balance with interest is " + dec.format (loanCalc));
        for (i=1; i <= termLimit; i++){
         //Loop set for the limit of Mortgage term
         powCalc = principle * (Math.pow(interestAdj, i))-1;
         balPd = monthlyPayment/annualRate;
         balPd2 = balPd - principle;
         balPd3 = 1 - Math.pow(annualRate, monthsPd);
         balPdCalc = balPd - (balPd2 * balPd3); 
         //formula is based on Amt Paid = (L/R - P)[(1+R)^X - 1] found
         // at http://www.infobarrel.com/Financial_Math:__Calculating_the_Mortgage_Balance_after_X_Number_of_Years
         interestPd = powCalc - principle;
         System.out.println("\tIn Year " + i + " you will have paid " + dec.format(interestPd) + " in interest.");
         System.out.println("\t Your remaining loan balance is " + dec.format(balPdCalc));
            try {
            catch (InterruptedException e) {

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    One thing that is happening is your monthsPd variable is being initialized at 12 * i; and never changes through each iteration. You want to move it into your for loop.

         for (i=1; i <= termLimit; i++){
         //Loop set for the limit of Mortgage term
         monthsPd = 12 * i;
    Based on the formulas I see on http://www.infobarrel.com/Financial_...umber_of_Years I came up with this code:

        double amtPaid = (monthlyPayment/annualRate - principle) * (Math.pow(1 + annualRate, monthsPd) - 1);
        double mortgageBalance = loanCalc - amtPaid;
    You would then print mortgageBalance.
    System.out.println("\t Your remaining loan balance is " + dec.format(mortgageBalance));


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