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    Get data from Bar Code Scanner

    Hi All,

    I had a task to integrate WASP WDI4500 Scanner Reader into java code, but i just don't know how to, means i have several relevant questions in my mind as

    1) What data the WASP WDI4500 Scanner Reader will return i.e in what format the data will be and how should i capture that data and get relevant data from that data read from scanner.

    2) In java what communication protocol is needed to communicate with WASP WDI4500 Scanner Reader

    Plz help me in this
    Thanks in advance .


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    it seems they have their own proprietary software- you will need to contact them and see if they offer an API

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    To propose the stupid suggestion: Have you tried scanning into a text document?

    Many of these devices, while they do come with SDKs, also provide a simple method of text entry. Usually simulating key strokes and ending the sequence with a unique keystroke (such as "Enter").

    If this is the case, you won't have to do anything special at all. Just maintain focus on the text box and have your Java client do an ActionListener for its ending stroke (such as enter).

    If that's not that case then yes, alykins is correct, you will need to get the SDK and incorporate it into your application.
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