For two of the pages of the project I am working on, I end up with a " Unexpected end of file from server" error every time I try to load them. They both use the same default mustache layout page, and that's the file the error stream says is the problem, but it is almost identical to 4 other default pages which load with no problem. I have gone through that page multiple times and there is nothing wrong with the HTML.

These pages are meant to build (one builds and one builds and searches) a taxonomical tree and then print it out as nested unordered lists. The tree is actually built with Scala and then rendered with mustache in a HTML file. Using a debugger, I see that it builds the tree successfully, but then it breaks when it tries to load the tree into the template page.

The really strange thing is that if I go through the Scala method that builds the page one step at a time with a debugger, it loads the page just fine! Is it somehow taking too long to build the page? Has anyone else experienced and fixed an error like this?