I need an Idea for a simple java program for a class I am taking. It would be nice if the individual who suggests the idea has already written the program so I could ask for help along the way if I get stuck. Thanks! Program requirements are below.

Proposal and Final Project Specifications
The project is LARGE programming assignment to demonstrate your knowledge of classes and data structures. You must include one class and one data structure as a minimum.
The proposal will include a general description of your project, one paragraph or two.
A top-down design, including outlines, structure boxes, pseudocode
A time line based
This will be handed back with necessary improvements noted.
You will re-design your approach if necessary for instructor’s final approval.

The project
This is a coding project, it will be graded as follows
10% Modularity
30% code compiles and works correctly for all scenarios
10% code documentation (comments)
10% readability, style
10% time log
10% documentation (manual)
10% observations and final report
10% demonstration

Design and Modularity: were functions truly subtasks, were functions performing too many subtasks?
Code compiles and works correctly for all scenarios ( your own scenarios and ones a user might try to get the program to crash or produce incorrect results.)
Code documentation (comments): Are variables named to help explain their role? Do you explain in comments what the code is doing?
Readability and style: spacing, writing complicated lines of code with several comments or writing simple lines and few comments (depends on the task and your style.) Your style is consistent, variable naming conventions, etc.
Time Log: each time you work on your program, log the date, hours worked and what you accomplished. Also note any observations or concerns. Did you decide to have your function do more than state in your design? Why? etc…
Documentation(Manual): Write a users manual that I could follow to run your program and access all of its features.
Observations and final report: This will be two pages. You will compare your proposed time line with your actual time line and summaries of what you observed during your coding process.
Demonstration: Show me your program.

You should have in your time line to be finished before this to allow yourself testing time.