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    Instance Variable Changes with New Object

    I'm just learning java and I'm writing a program that compares the frequency of characters in a plaintext document and then in a cipher document. I use the frequencies of the letters in each document to find out which character goes with which, in order to decipher a text file.

    I have a class FrequencyAnalysis, which creates an object, with a local variable of char[] key, in which the letters are stored in order of most common occurrence. I create a FrequencyAnalysis object for the plain text document, and the key is stored fine in its array, but when I create a FrequencyAnalysis object for the ciphered text, the key for the plain text document changes to the key for the ciphered document. Why does this happen?

    I have attached the two classes, FrequencyAnalysis and then the class FrequencyAnalysisTester which creates the objects to this post.
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    because of this..

    private static final char[] alphabet ..

    Remove static, It will work for you(because it worked for me)


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