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    Question Can't initialize a simple array

    hey you all
    i'm trying to initialize a databse, which is no more then a simple string array. i want to withdraw data from this array using another file.
    here's my code:

    PHP Code:
    class DataBase {


    void formatDataBase() {
    for (
    i=0i<=2i++) {

    // void addBrand(String brand) {
    // for (int i=1; i<=2; i++) {
    // if (db[i]==null) {db[i]=brand;}
    // }
    // }

    but i get the following errors:

    3 errors
    yotam@main computer:~/Documents/java/Car$ javac DataBase.java
    DataBase.java:3: ']' expected
    String[2] db;
    DataBase.java:3: ';' expected
    String[2] db;
    DataBase.java:3: <identifier> expected
    String[2] db;
    3 errors
    yotam@main computer:~/Documents/java/Car$

    anyone? i'm lost, have no idea!

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    You cannot specify the size of the array in the datatype. You need to do that in the initialization: String[] db = new String[2];.
    Your 'i' also needs a datatype, probably an int. You should also get the length of the db variable if you want to loop it; the above will throw an indexOutOfBounds exception when you try to write to db[2] since there is no memory for this location.
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