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    Question Web Programming with Java

    Hi Friends ,

    I am a new to the world of advance Java. I Know programming with core Java. Now i am a PHP web Developer. Few days before i planed to try web development with Java programming language. But i was left with many questions ?

    1. I find many things like Jsp , Servelets , Hibernate , Swings , EJB , Ruby on rail .... & so on. i am totally confused of all this terms.
    2. I what order do i need to learn them..... What is the hierarchy ?
    2. Which has a greater value in career point of view ?

    Please enlighten me regarding this .....

    Thank you :
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    When starting with Java web development, the first thing to learn is
    Servlet API, it is the core of java web development, unless you understand this.. you can not effectively work on java web apps. Next thing to learn is JSP.
    Its just like php, its based on Servlet API.

    - Once you are comfortable with Servlet/JSP, learn a good MVC framework, I will recommend Spring MVC

    - The next this is to learn an ORM tool, Hibernate/JPA.. however this is not absolutely required, you can you raw JDBC API as well.

    - EJB isn't for just web development, its for middile tire, Once you learn above thing, you will have idea of what do I mean by 'middle tier'

    - You do not need to learn Swing or Ruby on Rail, Swing is for desktop applications, not web apps, Ruby on rail is not java, its a totally different language/framework

    - Here are some gud resource to start with

    - Servlet tutorials
    - JSP tutorials
    - Spring MVC Step by step

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    servlet covered the development frameworks well but I wanted to add that you will also need to become familiar with Java based application servers and servlet containers.

    Some that come to mind:


    By no means do you need to be familiar with all of these (and there are plenty more out there). They all mostly work in similar fashion, but you will need at least one in order to develop/test/host any Java web application that relies on underlying servlet technology.


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