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    Question Command Line Email?

    I've posted this here in the Java section merely because someone told me that Java is what is used for my main question. So here it is.

    I am a beginner, all I really have experience with is python, so please keep that in mind if answering.

    My main question is how would I go about using java to have Maya send me an e-mail, or better yet a text when a render was finished?

    I was told that this is possible using Java, but I have no idea on how to go about doing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    P.s. I use a Mac if it makes a difference.

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    I don't think that java would be the best for the job. I don't think that maya has any bindings to java. It seems to be written in c++.

    From reading wikipedia
    A Tcl-like cross-platform scripting language called Maya Embedded Language (MEL) is provided not only as a scripting language, but as means to customize Maya's core functionality (much of the environment and tools are written in the language). Additionally, user interactions are implemented and recorded as MEL scripting code which users can store on a toolbar, allowing animators to add functionality without experience in C or C++, though that option is provided with the software development kit. Support for Python scripting was added in version 8.5.
    I've never used maya before, however I would assume that you could use python or the scripting language provided. It also looks like they give you the option to create your own plugins written in c++.

    Getting an email sent to you would probably be the easiest.

    I guess you could also look for an sms api in the language you decide on. However, I don't know any off-hand.




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