I'll be honest, I'm helping my wife in her Java class and while she's a pure novice I know just enough to dangerous/code myself into a corner. So far this semester I've been able to whip up my own versions of her homework and then guide her based on what I've been able to come up with. But now we're both stuck... and with the forum rules I'm hesitant to post any code. So I'm going to do my best to describe the situation to see if anyone here can provide me with some guidance so I can help my wife.

We're transitioning from a pure console app to a GUI based app. In the last iteration we could simply use a dialog to display a string of information from the Array getBigStringofInfo(); for example. In this iteration we need to create a more formalized form that will use labels and text fields to display the necessary array elements (such as movie, director, etc)

We've been able to create a frame (Jframe) that has the labels and text fields, but I can't seem to figure out how to allow the frame class see or use the Movie class txtMovie.setText(getDirector()); for example. I've even tried to initialize the frame in the main method and perform the call from there but the compiler doesn't like that either

  MovieFrame movie = new MovieFrame();
  //listener on first button 
      new ActionListener()  
        public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent Event)
I seem to be stuck in the chicken/egg scenario where if I am in the frame class and I cause changes but I cannot access the array elements. In the main method I can access the array, but the components of the frame are out of my reach.

Any help/guidance is appreciated.