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    how do I perform select & insert in one jsp Program.

    Hi Friends,
    How do i do the insert operation after select query at same jsp program.
    Here is the code which is running successfully for select stmt.

    Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:emaildb", "", "");
                Statement statement = connection.createStatement();
                ResultSet resultset = statement.executeQuery("select CompanyName as CN, sum(ForQtr)as Tota from Imports where CompanyName = '"+Cname+"' group by CompanyName") ;%>
                <% String CompName=resultset.getString("CN");%>
               <%float AB=resultset.getFloat("Tota");%>

    Now , after some calculations how do I continue to insert data into db inthe same table within this same jsp program.

    advance thanks ,

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    the connection object is not restricted to allow the creation of only a single statement...you can create as many as you want as long as the connection is not closed...so, simply create a new prepared statement from the connection that you already have...and don't forget to close the all the resultsets, prepared statements and connections
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