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    reading csv file content into a string

    Hi Experts,
    I need to read the attached csv file into a string. And I need the commas(,) to be replaced by exactly \t and new lines by exactly \n.
    The final string should be in the form

    I have tried the below code for reading the file first but it repeats the last few lines at the end.donno why..
    the code i tried is:

    StringBuffer fileData = new StringBuffer(1000);
    BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(
    new FileReader(filePath));
    char[] buf = new char[1024];
    int numRead=0;
    while((numRead=reader.read(buf)) != -1){
    fileData.append(buf, 0, numRead);
    return fileData.toString();

    Can you please give me a java code which reads gthe file without any repetition and replace commas with \t and new lines with \n

    Your help will be highly appreciated.
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    The code you posted seems to be okey...
    Once the CSV file is read into string. you can use string function
    replaceAll() to replace comma with \t and new line with \n

    See http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/...ng/String.html for replaceAll()


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