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    Javascript vs JSP


    i have the javascript and jsp combination code for calendar functionality is there.

    in that i take the events from database.For that i write a condition to select the events as "select * fom importtimetable where month='jspvar'. This statement didn't work. In that i declared jspvar as
    <script>var jsvar=monthNum;</script>
    String jspvar="<script>document.writeln("javar")</script>";

    Now jspvar didn't pass to the select statement. Anybody plz tell that whats the wrong in that


    function createCalendar(monthNum,yearNum) {
    calendarString = '';
    var daycounter = 0;

    calendarString +='<td height=\"20\" colspan=\"4\" valign=\"top\"><a class=\"breadlink\" href=\"#\">Home</a> - Calender of Events</td>';
    calendarString +='<td width=\"21%\" height=\"30\"><font class=\"calender\">'+ wordMonth[monthNum-1]+ todaysDate +'</font></td>';

    calendarString +='<option selected>'+ wordMonth[monthNum-1]+'</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=1>January</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2>February</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=3>March</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=4>April</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=5>May</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=6>June</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=7>July</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=8>August</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=9>September</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=10>October</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=11>November</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=12>December</option>';
    calendarString +='</select>';
    calendarString +='<select name="select5">';
    calendarString +='<option>21-24</option>';
    calendarString +='</select>';
    calendarString +='<select name=\"select4\" id=\"select4\" onchange=\"selectdate()\">';
    calendarString +='<option selected>'+ yearNum +'</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2006>2005</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2007>2006</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2008>2007</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2009>2008</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2010>2009</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2011>2010</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2012>2011</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2013>2012</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2014>2013</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2015>2014</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2016>2015</option>';
    calendarString +='<option value=2017>2016</option>';
    calendarString +='</select>';
    var jsvar=monthNum;
    <%@ page language="java" %>
    String connectionURL = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/";
    String dbName = "user_register";
    Connection connection = null;
    Statement stmt = null;
    ResultSet rs = null;
    ResultSet rs2 = null;
    PreparedStatement pstatement = null;
    PreparedStatement pstatement2 = null;
    String title = request.getParameter("title");
    String description = request.getParameter("description");
    String month = request.getParameter("month");
    String jspvar="<script>document.writeln(jsvar)</script>";
    connection = DriverManager.getConnection(connectionURL+dbName, "root", "root");
    pstatement2 = connection.prepareStatement("Select * from importtimetable where month='jspvar'");
    rs2 = pstatement2.executeQuery();

    calendarString +='<td width=\"66\" height=\"66\" align=\"center\" bgcolor=\"#EBFEE0\" class=\"text\">00:00</td>';
    calendarString +='<td width=\"638\" height=\"55\" align=\"left\" valign=\"top\" bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\"><%=rs2.getString(1)%>&nbsp;</td>';


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    where is php here?

    Edit: thread was moved to jsp forum. Now the problem is:

    why I'm asking op about php in jsp forum,

    Last edited by oesxyl; 11-28-2008 at 08:35 AM.

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    Please note that this is the PHP forum, not the java forum.

    Anyway, its because you're jspvar inside you're select is wrapped and treated as a string value, not as a variable.
    pstatement2 = connection.prepareStatement("Select * from importtimetable where month='" + jspvar + "'");
    On the other hand, month will equal the string '<script>document.writeln(jsvar)</script>', not the intended value.
    Javascript is not capable of interacting with any server side language, including java. You'll need to use ajax in order to do this.
    PHP Code:
    header('HTTP/1.1 420 Enhance Your Calm'); 
    Been gone for a few months, and haven't programmed in that long of a time. Meh, I'll wing it ;)


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