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    Having a bit of trouble

    so i need to write this program that will take a sentence inputted by the user such as "this IS THe JaVA senTeNce" and convert it to "This Is The Java Sentence". also it must tally up all the spaces, capital, and lowercase letters and print those out at the end.

    I am very new to java, so I am just using basic loops, and if/else statements. Here is the code I have thus far, but I seem to have hit a wall. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
    public class asgn3{
    public static void main( String[] args )
    String sentence = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,
    "Enter a sentence");
    boolean first_letter = true; 
    char this_char; 
    int upper = 0;
    int lower = 0;
    int space = 0;
    int other = 0;
    int counter = 0;
    int total = sentence.length();//declared all the variables
    while (counter < total) {
    	this_char = sentence.charAt(counter);
    	if (first_letter == true) {   // capitalize all first letter of each word 
    		if (this_char >= 97 && this_char <= 122) {
                            this_char -= 32; // convert to uppercase
                            System.out.print (this_char); 
                            upper++; //bump the count of upper case characters
                            first_letter == false;// reset the flag so next loop won't look at first letter. 
    	else {    //  
                if (this_char >= 65 && this_char <= 122) {// if this is an upper case letter 
    		this_char += 32;// convert it to lower case. 
    		lower++; // update count of lower case letters. 
    	// print out the letter. 
            else { 
                  if (this_char == 32)  // if this is a blank
                             // set the flag that tells the loop to capitalize the first letter
    		space++;// update count of blanks 
    	// print the character withut a line return. 
    System.out.println("Total: " + total);
    System.out.println("Upper: " + upper);
    System.out.println("Lower: " + lower);
    System.out.println("Space: " + space);
    System.out.println("Other: " + other);
    System.out.println("Total: " + total);
    } // end main
    } // end of program

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    also, i made comments as to what i THINK i need to do, but i am not exactly sure about how to go about them. thanks

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    Before I give any specific answer, I'm wondering if you can use the functions in the String and Character Library? If so then you can change some of the way you are doing things to make it easier to understand.

    When I say Character and String Libraries btw I mean these things in the API:

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