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Thread: Tables in XML

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    Tables in XML

    Please look at this link and could someone please tell me how I would make a table like the one on the right hand side at the top?

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    Example: Click on a link and the information in the table changes.


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    That's actually best done by CSS. The display property in CSS can be set to any number of things, particularly block and hidden. Try tinkering with those in HTML before you try it in XML.

    I think I'll transfer this thread to the HTML & CSS forum so you can get more help with the styling. If you want it back in XML, that's fine -- but you have to be able to style the element before you'll see any of these dynamic effects. HTML comes with default styling; XML languages as a rule do not. So play with HTML and CSS first, and then come see me about XML

    <update>Cross-posted http://www.codingforums.com/showthre...&threadid=7001

    Please don't post the same question to two or more forums. It confuses people trying to help you (like I just did above) and annoys moderators (like me). It's also a violation of the Terms of Service and can get you banned...

    I'll leave my post as is above, as it's a fairly informative one.
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