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    HTML databse handling?.IMP.

    <TD class='nav' ALIGN='left' VALIGN='center'>33.Exchange Group Names:<BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME='Exchange_Group_Name' VALUE='NA'>&nbsp;NorthAmerica&nbsp;</INPUT><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME='Exchange_Group_Name' VALUE='EU'>&nbsp;Europe&nbsp;</INPUT><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME='Exchange_Group_Name' VALUE='EM'>&nbsp;EmergingMarkets&nbsp;</INPUT><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME='Exchange_Group_Name' VALUE='HK'>&nbsp;HongKong/SEAsia&nbsp;</INPUT><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME='Exchange_Group_Name' VALUE='TK'>&nbsp;Japan&nbsp;</INPUT><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME='Exchange_Group_Name' VALUE='AUS/NZ'>&nbsp;Austrailia and NewZealand&nbsp;</INPUT><BR></TD>

    I have a field with 8 chekboxes and can select multiple checkboxes before i click on the SUBMIT button on my form
    BUT in my SUBMIT query -->>It only shows FIRST CHECKBOX SELECTED AS GOING OUT.
    e.g :
    If i click 'NA', 'EU' and 'EM' it shd go out as 'NA EU EM'
    but goes out as 'NA'
    can i do??

    vijay...life is awesome!

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    Dunno where you picked </input> from...

    If you're using a database, what you using to insert into it? I can't figure anything out just by that little bit of code you're showing.


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