Is it possible (or are there any plans) to include PHP-like support for javascript and vbscript tag pairs?

For example, when you want a bit of inline PHP, you just type <?php [code] ?>, whereas when you want inline javascript, you have to type <script language= ... etc. It would be neater to have (for example) <?js [code] ?> and <?vb [code] ?> delimiters.

I know the difference is that the PHP delimiters are interpreted at the server rather than the client, but it wouldn't be too hard to write support for the <?X ?> thing into clients! One could then argue that you could use this style for all tags - or even reduce HTML to something that looks like LISP in order to reduce code size and therefore bandwidth - but that's straying into the realm of syntax debate ... (and I happen to like LISP so I'm biased!).