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Thread: Help on a tag

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    Help on a tag

    Ok I would like to know how i can get a table to slide in from the right side of the screen and stop in the middle. I know the <marquee> tag will slide it through but i cannot get it to stop in the middle of the screen it just cycles through. Is that any way that i can get it to stop in the middle of the screen??



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    you need to put the table in a div and then set the position off the screen. you will then need javascript to find the dimensions of the window and the div. do some math to find the center position. like this.

    var tableLeft=(widthOfWin-widthOfDiv)/2;
    var tableTop=(heightOfWin-heightOfDiv)/2;

    you then need javascript to animate the layer to the center.
    i have to write an english paper now so i dont have time to write that script out.
    i hope i put you in the right direction.
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